Natural Cleaning products to make your home safer

Choosing natural cleaning products is important for the health of the whole household. We spend so much time focussing on what we eat for health and what we put on our skin with make up and skincare. But what about the chemicals we are then using to clean our home? They are on our dishes, all over our clothes, absorbed onto our skin and breathed into our lungs. It makes sense to swap to natural cleaning products that are good for us, and the environment.

I listed to a podcast that spoke about natural cleaning products. The lady had taken her dog to the vet because they noticed their dog appeared to be having seizures. The vet asked the family to note what was happening in the home when the dog was having the seizures. The family went home and monitored the dog closely. They made a connection that every time they cleaned their floors, their dog had a seizure.

The vet suggested they swap their floor cleaner for a natural product. The family changed their cleaning products and the dog is now a grumpy 11 year old that hasn’t had a seizure since.  The impact that chemical cleaning products can have on our health is considerable.

So here are our top 10 reasons why you should consider swapping to natural cleaning products.

1.  Reduce your chemical load

It is likely that you wont find an ingredient list on any of your conventional cleaning products.  What is it you are actually spraying? What chemicals are present? The long term effects of chemical exposure from cleaning products is unknown. And in the case of many cleaning products, a lack of knowledge or awareness of what is even in them. Many of the known chemicals used in cleaning products are bioaccumulative.  This means they are unable to break down or be removed from your system. Evidence is growing that many of these chemicals cause issues with human health. There are links to infertility, asthma, behavioural issues in children, hormonal imbalances, cancer and neurological problems.

2.  Reduce your impact on the environment

Often the fumes produced by cleaning products can cause health issues. Have you ever used a mould remover in the shower and had a metallic taste in your mouth for hours afterwards? Ask yourself why? Air contamination occurs through evaporation of chemicals into the air. This can affect the respiratory tract of humans and animals. Water and chemicals rinsed down drains head to water treatment facilities. The majority of contaminants are removed, yet not all can be. This can lead to an imbalance in the eco-system, damaging animals and environments.

3.  Reduced fossil fuels

Mass buying of cleaning products from major manufacturers often means products have been created far away from the source. The transport cost to get these products to you, the increased weight of packaging and bulk of the product during transport all contributes to green house gases and fossil fuel. Locally sourced and handmade products, greatly reduce this impact.

4.  Reduced packaging waste

Many commercial products come in plastic containers. Often these are single use with the majority of consumers not recycling them. Consider if the products you buy have refill options. Or if they are made from recycled plastic or even contain no plastic waste at all. This can have a significant impact on the environment and the amount of waste produced.

5. Cost savings

Many producers of natural cleaning products are way ahead of the game. They want to help the environment and often want to make it easier for you. Many have bulk purchasing options allowing you to refill your own containers. Many are concentrated, meaning you need to use less and the products last longer.

These are just a few simple steps to consider when choosing your cleaning products. Each swap you make goes a long way to reduce the impact on your health. Every swap you make is good for you, and the environment. So what are you waiting for? Now it the time to swap to natural cleaning products. What product are you going to change first?

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