Find which storage container for your essential oils is best for you.

Essential oils provide a range of benefits. Emotional, physical and spiritual. Being able to access your roller blends during the day, allows you to ‘check in’ with yourself. You can pause and reconnect with how you are feeling and address any emotional needs.

It is important to keep your rollers safe and a padded pouch or purse is the perfect solution. There is nothing worse than spending time rummaging through your bag to find what you need.

Have a look at our range of essential oil storage containers to decide which one is right for you.

Small Essential Oil Roller Pouch

This essential oil pouch will carry three 10 ml rollers. It is padded for protection of the rollers and secures closed with a clip button. Bright, floral fabrics make them easy to find and pretty in your hand bag. These are also a great size for children. They will easily slip into a school bag ready for use.
They are handmade in Australia and measure about 12 cm square. Each pouch is lined with fusible fleece and clip shut to keep the rollers safe.

Essential Oil Roller Pouch
Essential oil roller pouch in Native Blooms. Handmade in Australia to hold three 10ml roller bottles

Essential Oil Roller Clutch

Handmade with contrasting fabrics, these essential oil roller clutches are gorgeous. They are a perfect solution for storing your roller bottles safely. And it doubles as a small purse if you need.
This clutch holds 6 roller bottles using full length fabric dividers. This means your essential oil bottles will stay safe and secure in their spot. Some elastic holders are prone to stretching or not keeping the rollers secure. This is a neat solution to keep your roller bottles in their spot. With extra space to hold your phone, lip balm, a small set of keys – this essential oil roller clutch is sure to impress! And the best thing is being able to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Essential oil roller purse in paisley pink
Essential Oil Roller Clutch in Pink Paisley. Holds 6 rollers securely.

So, whatever your situation, we have a storage container solution for you. Stay tuned for more updates by subscribing below. We have new fabrics and designs released regularly.

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