Hi I am Shae. Mum, nurse and creator of Butterfly and Bloom Wellness.

I am a plant lover, herbalist, perfumer and natural skincare formulator.

I want to bring you good natural products that simply work. Using ancient remedies and folklore without anything fancy. These products have been created using the KISS principle.

Keep it simple silly!

 As a nurse, I am an avid researcher and have spent hours over the years researching and creating our range of products.  You can be assured when using them they are backed by science and loved by nature.

These products are for you. To help you practice daily self-care rituals that lead to better physical and mental health.

 I want you, as a busy woman to start finding the tools you need to take little moments in each day just for yourself.  So, start using our products as tools to support your physical and emotional health. And allow yourself to be whatever you want to be. Every day.

 Shae – Founder and creator

Image of Butterfly and Bloom owner Shae standing near some trees smiling

Sustainable Actions


We are reducing the carbon offset of our business by partnering with fifteen trees.  Fifteen Trees was established in 2009 and has helped plant over 180,000 trees in Australia and New Zealand.  The company is run by 3 women who coordinate the planting of 15 trees on your behalf to offset your carbon footprint.  One vehicle is offset by planting 15 trees, with one employee amounting to 58 trees per year.  To date, Butterfly and Bloom has offset our car by contributing to planting 15 trees. Each purchase you make goes towards carbon offsetting the business and we look forward to continuing to support Fifteen trees. Click here to read where our first trees were planted.

Bush heritage is an independent not-for profit that buys and manages land and partners with Aboriginal people so we can protect our irreplaceable landscapes and our magnificent species.  There are close to 2000 animals and plants on Australia’s threatened species list and Bush Heritage works to protect those species on their reserves. They respect, listen and learn from working with Traditional owners of the lands to have the most impact. A portion from our profits each year will be donated to Bush Heritage to continue to preserve and protect our beautiful landscape.  To read more about Bush Heritage, click here.

Our packaging

Please excuse, we reuse! That is why, your package may not be as pretty or neat as other stores. We vow to reuse every piece of packaging we receive. With any additional packing materials that we need, every effort is made to use recycled, recyclable or reused products.  We accept all donations from friends and family of packing materials to prevent waste.

We use home compostable mailing bags or recyclable mailing bag. To learn how to compost our mailer bags, click here

We make every effort to use a carbon neutral delivery service, Sendle for all our deliveries. Sendle calculates the highest amount of carbon that can be generated by any given parcel send and then uses those figures to fund sustainability projects. For more information, click here

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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