Founders Story

Shae Miller is a Clinical Nurse with a Masters in Health Professional Education and a passion for teaching. She trained as a surgical nurse for over 10 years and is currently practicing as part of a palliative care team helping to look after some of our most vulnerable community members.

From me to you,

I started Butterfly and Bloom Wellness in late 2019, a few years after my children were born. A wild pivotal life shift in itself, I also began to feel myself drawn to a different purpose in life as I considered the world around my babies.

As I shifted and began to learn more and more about health, wellness and the environment the more disheartened I became working in a health system that is often overwhelmed and underfunded. So many of our patients had very little interest in looking after themselves and it often felt like we were providing ‘band-aid’ fixes to life long issues rather than searching for and treating root causes.

I began to wonder if I could inspire others to change the world around them; to begin to change the way they perceived their own health and wellness before it impacted our health care system.

“Butterfly and Bloom is a brand that uses ancient herbal inspired skincare and aromatherapy to help you navigate life with a better sense of health and wellness through connection with nature and connection with self.”

For as long as I could remember, I have loved plants and nature. As a child my favourite books were the Earths children series by Jean. M. Auel. I wanted to be a medicine woman like Ayla, using the plants around her to heal others. I began to wonder if I could create natural products that helped people slow down, to care for themselves then perhaps that shift could translate into better health and wellness and a happier planet.

Ambitious I know. But sometimes you just have to try.

And since then, I have been obsessed. My dreams are filled with plants, soaps, blends and more.

The nurse researcher in me has spent hours and hours, reading, learning, researching, discussing everything I could find out about skincare, soaps, herbs and formulations.

It has been a bumpy start to running my own small business. I honestly have had no idea what I have been doing at times. But with a little bit of help, a little bit of luck and a little vision, it is starting to come together.

I absolutely love what I am doing, what I am creating and the passion I am seeing in other like-minded souls who have been kind enough to join me on this journey.

Butterfly and Bloom is here to stay. To help you navigate life with a better sense of health and wellness through connection with nature and connection with self.  I hope our products inspire you to change; to slow down; to really look after yourself and to appreciate the world around you.

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