August Goals.I cannot believe it is August already. Where has the year gone? Looking back I find myself wondering what I have achieved? And then my toddlers wake up. And I realise I haven’t achieved a lot of things you can easily see. I haven’t eaten myself to a healthy and wholesome place. I haven’t achieved home organisation dominance. I haven’t had the kitchen bench clean for more than 2 hours in a row.  I haven’t shaved my legs.  And I definitely haven’t  cleaned the dust off the skirting board that I keep noticing. Why does it get so dusty there?  But I have kept two little people safe and relatively happy. And loved them with every inch of my being even when I had none left in the tank. So, I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.
But. Let’s talk about July first.
I did okay with my goals. Smashed some of them even. Plastic free July did wonders for increasing awareness of just how much plastic we do consume. The supermarket back and forth on plastic bags alone has helped. I definitely have lots of room for improvement in reducing my plastic use and will try and set some more specific goals this month.  Raising awareness with my family has been a big win. They no longer wrap up excess food in glad wrap, using containers instead. And now they ask if things are recycling before throwing anything out. So, a good effort and hopefully lots more to change.
I have had a wonderful time setting up interactive play with the twins. I have found some wonderful resources to incorporate learning into play which I will share with you. We have made our own play dough and are continuing to play and explore with that. They are learning lots of fine motor skills with the paddle pop sticks and coin counter I got for them. I created a sensory rice play box for them one afternoon and although it was a mixed barrel as one child loved putting all the rice on the floor and the other was upset trying to clean it all up, it was a success!!!
Despite continuing to be sick and not really knowing what is going on, I have been looking after myself. Trying to fuel the colds out of me with healthy nutritious food and I am pleased to say I am only 400g off my pre-baby weight. Weight loss isn’t my overall goal and to be honest, I’m not really that into the number. But it’s nice to look at every now and again and see a result.
And my blog has been growing. The style, the ideas and the content are developing. Although I still have a way to go, I feel like I am gaining momentum and really enjoying writing my posts.
So, August? What do you have instore for me this month?

  1. One of the biggest things I have felt is that life is slipping me by. We spend our weekends and our spare days often doing the same things. We hang out at home a lot because it is often easier than packing up and heading out for the day. And not that there is anything wrong with this, but I do want to feel like we are building memories a little bit more. So, each month, I am finding a few free or relatively cheap local activities for us to do together as a family. Last week we attended the local show which was fantastic fun. It was a lot smaller than the Ekka but we were able to do the main things the children would have loved anyway seeing the animals and a few rides.
  2. Finalise the children’s playroom and bedroom. I have had pictures to hang, paint to paint the walls, furniture to put together and toys to sort hanging around my house for months. It is creating clutter. It is stressing me out!! So, I am getting out the paintbrush and drill and we are decorating until the cows come home!!!
  3. Get a massage. I have just felt so rubbish and run down it is starting to really impact me. I don’t actually know what else to do except wish for spring time to chase away these winter colds. But, the stress of everything slipping behind with me out of action so frequently, the lack of sleep and general out of balance means I am in desperate need of some self-care. Starting with a massage! I also might sneak in a sneaky brunch date with my bestie!!

What are your goals for August? Any self-love and pampering planned?  Let me know so we can compare notes at the end of the month!!

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