Why you should use essential oils every day?

The benefits of using essential oils are widely researched. And in a complex world, turning to natural solutions to support our health and wellness has never been so important. For years, our ancestors have used the natural world around them. They have harnessed the power of plants to care for themselves and their families. Essential oils are a modern-day version of this past time. Harnessed from the leaves, flowers, bark and resin, they are able to connect us with nature.

What are some of the benefits to incorporating essential oils into your daily life?

1. Awareness

Before choosing which oil to use, there is a short moment. A pause. When you stop and consider how you are feeling now. And how you want to feel later. This awareness of our emotions and wellbeing is a small but powerful way to look at our behaviours. It can then be used to help bring about change.

Be Loved essential oil roller blend by Butterfly and Bloom
Be Loved essential oil roller blend by Butterfly and Bloom. Great for self confidence and mood boosting.

2. Connection

Raising awareness of your emotions in the moment can lead to a stronger emotional connection with yourself.   It can help to ground you and provides an opportunity to determine how you are feeling. And what needs to happen next. It can also be a conversation starter for those around you to change the narrative of the day if needed.

3. Reflection

Reflection is found in the moments after you have used the oils. The space where you have breathed in the aroma and considered yourself. Noticing how your body reacts, you can look at the actions that have led you to that moment; to choosing that particular blend and reflect on the why.

4. Emotions

Scent triggers the area of your brain that control emotions, behaviours, motivation and memory.  Using certain essential oils can help your brain to recognise and respond to the aroma in certain ways. They can have a powerful effect over how you think, feel and behave bringing balance, raising your vibrations or simply making you feel good.

5. Physical support

This link between scent and memory can also have a physical effect on your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Depending on what you need, each can play an important role in helping you embrace holistic wellness. Using essential oils for stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines, sleep and for immune health can all become an essential daily tool to use.

Benefits of using essential oils as natural perfume to help sleep
Be Sleepy essential oil roller blend to help you prepare for a good nights sleep.

One of the greatest benefits of using essential oils as your natural perfumes is accessibility. To allow yourself moments in each day to be truly connected with yourself. To know what you need physically and emotionally. The smaller roller bottles allow you to be able to grab what you need in the moment and pause for awareness, connection, reflection, emotional and physical support.

So what are you waiting for? What do you want to ‘Be’?

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