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Enjoy a chat with Shae, founder and creator of Butterfly and Bloom Wellness. Learn more about what drives all things Bloom and some lifestyle changes and challenges she has seen along the way.

Tell us about an average day in the life. 

I feel like my days are sectioned into the types of days and they all look very different.  Firstly a home day with my babies – they are often very relaxed. I often take cues from the children about what activities we do and to be honest, more often than not we stay at home, explore our garden, go for a swim in our pool, read books or if we want to go out. It’s often nature based by the water or a walk in one of our local bushlands. On work days, we are up early out of the house and straight into it. I work as a nurse part time so I need to be organised to plan these days. And on Bloom work days, it can really vary. I can be doing anything from creating new products, sewing orders, boring admin work or creating content. All day’s end with the children, reading and cuddles which is my favourite part of the day. 

What elements of change and sustainability have you found the most challenging on your journey? 

I think being able to separate fact from fiction. There is a lot of information out there and trying to take time to learn about what the best ways to actually make a long term difference is amongst the noise can be challenging. And if that way to change is the right decision for our family. Also getting the rest of the family on board. Educating them about why convenience of something is not the best option and the impact that decision may have on the future of our planet and our children. 

The Essential Collection - Butterfly and Bloom Wellness
“Perfume is one of the simplest products to stop using. And the difference to your health can be profound” – Shae

Is there any advice you would give to someone who wants to make lifestyle changes? 

I think my personal journey has been slow and is still evolving. I started swapping out my skincare products one by one. And as I started doing this and learning more, it became easier to make decisions about other aspects of my life. And also, finding ways to implement your changes that suit your lifestyle and your family. You are far more likely to stick with it if is suits you. 

When it comes to wellness and lifestyle what are some of the things you have changed? 

I think I hit a brick wall with my health a few months ago. I’ve always coasted along with diet and exercise (actually, I don’t like exercise and never had). It’s always been hit and miss for me with no consistency. After a few months of feeling absolutely rubbish, unmotivated I realised I needed help and met with a Naturopath. She has been wonderful in offering me a very holistic solution to how I was feeling including supplemental support to get me feeling better so I could tackle the bigger issues of diet and exercise. 

Shae Butterfly and Bloom Owner and Founder

What changes have you made with your diet and exercise? 

I’ve started planning in advance but to stop the overwhelm, I don’t plan the whole week just the first few days. This way I can make sure I’m eating well balanced nutritious meals that fuel my body for the first half of the week and then I have the energy and motivation to continue that pattern. I’m also building up a collection of simple meals I can cook without a recipe so I have a back plan rather than a ‘take-out plan’. As for exercise, its still work in progress but I’m trying to incorporate a lot of incidental movement to my days and making sure our family outings each week are exercise related fun.

What does your skincare regime look like? 

Well, I like to change it up and am often just testing out my own creations! I love simple and fuss free. I use a soap bar or oil cleanser to wash my face, a hydrosol spritz for hydration and an oil blend. SPF is my absolute must.

What is your why? Why do you do what you do in your business? 

I’m addicted to supporting people to change the way they think about natural living.  And I have children now which is cliché, but has made me see the world in a whole new light.  Raising them to be aware of the world around them, to develop a love of nature and how rewarding that is to them, makes me want to fight to protect it even more for them.  We won’t get another chance.

Has your nursing career impacted your work with Butterfly and Bloom? 

I didn’t think so at first but over time I realised it had. Over the time I’ve been nursing I’ve noticed a trend in how we look after ourselves and our patients. It feels like we have a band-aid type method of care – fix the problem not the root cause. And not because we don’t want to but there hasn’t been government support in programs that are designed to help people make lifestyle changes. Diabetes is a very easy example with 53% of the burden of diabetes due to modifiable lifestyle factors such as obesity.  One person developes diabetes every 5 minutes. In Australia there are more than 4400 amputations every year as a result of diabetes which has huge implications for the person but also for the health care system and ongoing care.  If we can change the way we live our lives in terms of self care, self awareness, self preservation of health, not only do we reduce the financial burden on our country but we allow those resources to  be used elsewhere like environmental protection and climate change. And, it has incredible impacts on the indivual who is able to live a long and healthier life.

Shae Nurse

{Practicing nursing from a young age}

Do you think you will continue working nursing? 

Nursing is a hard job, physically and emotionally but I love it. It brings me so much joy to care for somewhen when they are so vulnerable and bring them some peace, relief or even a laugh to brighten their day. I also love sharing that knowledge of caring for other with younger nurses and inspiring them to bring passion to their job each day so I hope I can continue working in Nursing.

Describe your dream lifestyle? 

Since I was a little girl I wanted to live on a farm with animals, vegetables and fruit trees.  We have moved to acreage to build that dream – although I have a fear of chickens I need to work on. Spending my time with my family, building memories and being in nature is my real dream.

What is in the future for Butterfly and Bloom? 

I’m addicted to product development so there is a lot of that going on behind the scenes when I find time. Researching new and exciting ways to inspire others to live sustainably is always in the works. But ultimately I would one day love to open a holistic wellness space so I can reach more people and create a one stop shop for health and wellness… day!

Finally, speed round:

What is one product everyone should stop using today and swap for something more sustainable? 


Favourite Bloom product at the moment?
Ohh, so many. Probably one of our newest products coming soon – Blue Lotus Body oil – stay tuned!

Cats or dogs? 

Oh no, I love both but dogs will always have my heart.

Beach or Mountains 


5 things you would take with you on a deserted island? 

Old school flint and stone so you can start a fire anytime, an big knife or axe thingy, fishing net, hammock, satellite phone!

Calendula and Turmeric Natural Soap

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