Herbal bath soak benefits

Have you ever wondered what it is about a hot bath that makes you feel so good?

Bathing is an original form of therapeutic treatment and is used for a wide array of ailments. There are many herbal bath soaks benefits. They can improve skin conditions, ease muscle and joint pain and improve sleep.

You can incorporate a herbal bath soak into your self care ritual once or twice a week for a range of benefits. Immersing the body into warm water can increase core and skin temperature; increase blood flow throughout the body; eliminating metabolic waste, relax muscles, soften ligaments and reduce pain.

It is the perfect self care ritual.

But with so many options for bath products today, how do you know which is the right choice for you?

Discover the ancient art of ritual bathing by choosing your perfect blend. Salt baths are very common and are generally used for detoxifying and relieving muscle tension. Milk baths are primarily concerned with improving the skin. As our largest organ, it makes sense to incorporate these rituals into our self care practice to look after ourselves.
It is believed that salt baths originated in China around 2700BC. Hippocrates encouraged healers to use salt water to heal various ailments. In Egypt, Cleopatra is reported to love her salt baths as much as her milk baths. Different ingredients work to penetrate muscles, soften calloused skin, exfoliate the skin, detox the body, ease pain. Find your perfect blend below.

Which herbal bath soak is right for you?

Dead sea salts

Extracted from the evaporated seawater bed, salt that is obtained from the dead sea, is only around 12-30% sodium. This meansthat it has higher numbers of other minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. It is best used for detoxing and relieving muscle pain and can be used to improve skin hydration. You can find Dead sea salts in our Detox Herbal Bath and Foot Soak

Himalayan salt

Mined in Pakistan, Himalayan salts have about 80 trace elements and are used to balance and rejuvenate the body. It is believed that soaking in a bath with Himalayan Salt is like recharging your batteries. It has a calming effect, can reduce stress increasing feeling of contentment. You can find Himalayan salt in our Uplift Herbal Bath and Foot Soak

Epsom Salts

Also know as Magnesium Sulphate, epsom salts contain high levels of magnesium and are often used for muscle pain, to ease stress, and muscular cramps. It is also believed epsom salts can help soothe the skin reduce irritation and itching. With the rise in popularity of Epsom salts, these can sometimes be manufactured synthetically. Make sure the products you use are sourced naturally as opposed to man made to ensure the healing benefits are present. You can find epsom salts in our Love Herbal Bath and Foot Soak

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is an essential mineral our bodies need for over 300 enzymatic functions. Magnesium helps the body to relax, improve muscle function and aid the detoxification pathways. It is great to help improve sleep and is well absorbed through the skin. You can find Magnesium in our Soothe Herbal Bath and Foot Soak

Soothe Herbal Bath and Foot Soak | Butterfly and Bloom Wellness

Other ingredients

Bentonite clay – Australian bentonite clay is formed under sea beds from volcanic ash and harvested from a natural deposit in Australia. This clay can work to help detoxify the body and remove heavy metals and metabolic waste from the body.

Black lava sea salt is infused with activated charcoal to help increase blood circulation, expel toxins and help to detoxify the body as it draws out impurities
Both Bentonite clay and black lava are key ingredients in our Detox herbal bath and foot soak


Colloidal oatmeal is nourishing and can help protect and soothe irritated skin. Colloidal oatmeal works as an emollient to soothe and moisturise the skin. It also helps to bind to the skin and form a protective layer.

Buttermilk or Coconut Milk – Milk baths are nourishing to the skin and can have a gentle exfoliating effect. It is often an ideal treatment for dry skin. Fats and proteins moisturise the skin while you soak and lactic acid works as a gentle exfoliant.
Find this in our dream herbal bath and foot soak

Dream Herbal Bath and Foot Soak | Butterfly and Bloom Wellness

Embracing the ritual.

While bathing can make you feel wonderful, there are some precautions to take so you can get the most benefits without overdoing it.

  • Temperature – the ideal bath temperature should be warm but not too hot. 39 degrees and below is best. If the water is too hot, you can dehydrate yourself, lower your blood pressure leading to headaches or dizziness.
  • Time – 20-30 minutes is ideal bathing length. Again, longer than this and you may risk dehydration by pulling water out of your skin.
  • Amount of salts in the bath – If you are new to bathing with mineral salts, you can overdo it. You want to wake the next day feeling refreshed and revived. If you wake feeling like you have overdone it, with a headache, you know you need to adjust the amount of salts in your bath next time.
  • Stay Hydrated – drink a glass of water or herbal tea before, during and after your bath. Both to add to the care ritual and to stay hydrated.

Healthy minds, bodies and soul start with simple self care practices. Start today by using a herbal bath soak regularly and feel the benefits.

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