Who are we?  What are we doing?
When I get deep and philosophical, these are the questions that come to mind.  Often it is when I am pottering about the house picking up toys, odd socks, pens and wondering if I remembered to feed the dog. Or when I am in the shower.  Washing my hair.  Everyone knows this is where a girl goes to really think.
Anyway.  Who are we?  What are we doing?
It seems to be that for the majority of us, we go about our daily lives doing everything but nothing really seems extraordinary.  And I often find myself wondering is ordinary okay?  Is it enough?
Through the world of social media, we get glimpses into so many peoples lives.  Glamorous travellers exploring beautiful remote places of the world, eating exotic food I dream of, watching sunsets that I will probably never get to see.  Fashionistas, wearing designer clothes looking stunning at every turn.  Volunteers doing amazing things around the world for people who desperately need help to just get through the day okay.  Architects creating stunning spaces for people to live in and interior designers styling homes in a way that I am completely jealous of.  And I look around at my humble home.  Two baskets of laundry in the corner. The cat passed out upside down on my unmade bed. My dog desperately trying to eat a tissue she found in between the couch cushions.  My sweet little babies who occasionally (let’s keep it real, frequently) eat food (or at least I hope it’s food) off the floor.  And I think; is this it? Is this my ordinary? Is it enough?
When I hear about the travels of my colleagues, the wild and exciting job opportunities I used to dream of, romantic escapes to remote places just because; I find myself pining, thinking about my lost opportunities. Should I have been more adventurous? Should I have done more before having children? Should I be trying to do more now? But then I stop. And I take a moment to gather my senses.
And I look around at the world that I am privileged enough to be creating.  That I worked hard to create.
It is happy.
It is full of love.
It is full of laughter.
I am helping to shape two little people who light up the world with their smiles and antics.  And I realise, that for now my ordinary, is extraordinary.
And as it turns out, I am more than okay with that.  Even if I keep losing my socks.

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