GOALS FOR JULY: Motherhood, life and me.

I have never been good at keeping New Year’s Resolutions.
Except one year when on the way to work, on New Year’s day at 5am I heard the suggestion to take one photo a day for the year. Which I did. 365 photos posted online of my exciting (and some days not so exciting life). To be honest, there were a lot of tea drinking photos and dog photos.
But. I digress.
Isabella Hume (Isabella Hume) sets herself monthly goals and then does a little review at the end of the month. Which totally appealed to me. I am a shocker for getting slack and not sticking to things. Or life generally gets in the way and I forget what my goals actually were.  So, if I make it public, then I can (hopefully) do a little better at sticking to them!

  1. I am trying to embrace #plasticfreejuly. Already, looking around at my daily life, I can see this is going to be super challenging. I have already made some changes and was thinking I was slowly getting there but I realise I can actually do much, much better.
  2. Try to encourage more education and interactive based play with my twins. I have started following some amazing people online who have already given me so much inspiration. My goal is to have a mix of play we usually do but have a dedicated morning and afternoon activity to build up some of their skills. I’m really enjoying learning about simple at home play we can do so think this one will be easy to stick to.
  3. Look after myself. I think being sick for over a month now might be my body telling me to start paying more attention. Although it isn’t anything major, a month of having a cold has taken it’s toll only to get sick again this week. So, starting with my diet, I need to start changing my mindset and doing a better job of eating nutritious and healing foods.
  4. Post online on my blog at least once a week. I have been putting so much time and energy into my writing but not actually finalising any of my posts. I have so much material, it’s time to bite the bullet and get social!

What are your goals for July? Any green living plans you are hoping to tackle? Let me know so we can compare notes at the end of the month!!

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