My favourite series of books was the Earths’ Children Series by Jean M Auel. Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of horses. The power of Ayla as a medicine woman was all I dreamed about for years. The ability to use plants and nature to treat and heal was fascinating to me. And during my nursing study, it was the natural discoveries of the chemical components of the plants that developed modern day medicines which fascinated me most of all.

So here I am. 13 years later, studying again. But this time looking at a more natural approach to health and wellbeing. I am currently undertaking study in Herbal Medicine, Natural Skincare and Perfumery.

And with this deepening of my knowledge and understanding of traditional medicine I am able to create beautiful products to help you take care of yourself, mind, body and soul.

I have created our natural perfume range with a distinct focus on using Australian essential oils. Where possible I have sourced essential oils directly from Australian growers. We have also limited the use of essential oils that are on the endangered list to preserve the growth of these plants.

These blends are 100% unique. They have been created and designed by me and are not mass produced. You will not find them anywhere else. They are one of a kind, handcrafted and blended with purpose.

Our bath soaks are made using 100% natural ingredients. They use ancient minerals to address individual issues along with herbal remedies and essential oil blends.  Particular focus has been made on essential oil safety in water and ensuring the dispersion of oils in water.

For our aromatherapy eye pillows, I have sourced recycled cotton that has been dyed with natural vegetable based dyes. The fabric is milled and botanically dyed in India under fair working conditions. It is washed natural with soap nuts, wood ash and salt with no harmful chemicals or toxins used.  The cotton used for our eye pillows would otherwise have contributed to textile waste which is a huge issue for landfill and pollution.

The eye pillows have an inner lining of organic cotton and are filled with organic flaxseeds and organic herbs.

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