Right. Let’s talk plastic free July.
I’m doing crap at it. Well. Not totally but the more I look around, the more alarmed I get. Reusing items, not throwing out things we can use again and buying better in the first place. All things we may have lost our way with. I think about the lessons, the lifestyle and the habits I want to create and the way I want to raise my children. I want them to be aware and I want them to work hard to respect our planet. But it has to start somewhere. And that place isn’t at school or at their friends’ houses. It is here. At home.
I thought that little by little we were getting better at our plastic usage until I really started looking. Oh. My. Goodness. We could do so much more. This feels a little bit like healthy eating and exercise. It’s all about lifestyle changes. Going all out at once often means it doesn’t stick and you don’t make long term changes.
But I do think, the changes we have made so far are an awesome start. And I am very keen to continue. Encouraging the rest of my family to join in may be a challenge but I think I am up for it! However our journey, so far has included:
Re-usable nappies: My mum was always insisting I use cloth nappies, however as soon as she found out we were having twin, she was disposable all the way! But, it stuck with me and I researched modern cloth nappies and developed a mad love for them. We don’t use them full time, but every time we use cloth that is one less disposable so that is a win for us.

Recycling: We have a large tub in our kitchen for all our recycling. We found this way we were able to quickly put things away off the bench instead of quickly putting it with our other rubbish and noticed how quicker we were accumulating items to be recycled. Which does lead me to another issue which is how can I reduce that amount even further? But, I suspect that’s another post altogether.

Kitchen Cloths: We stopped buying sponges and have simple cotton washcloths to use to wipe down the bench. At the end of each day they go in the wash. I have a hardcore wash routine for my nappies and incorporate my kitchen cloths into this routine leaving them spotless! I also just use washers to clean the children and their highchairs after meals. Using nappy wipes is just a waste when you are going to be doing the washing anyway!

Soap: I have swapped my body wash for beautifully handcrafted soaps from Washpool farms. I use the Goat’s milk bars with shea butter. They smell divine and last a long time! There are so many amazing products to use, check them out (https://www.washpool.com.au/)

Glad wrap: We have dramatically reduced the amount of glad wrap we are using. I am using containers for food storage, I have dedicated reusable tops for my cans, a dedicated avocado and lemon container and silicone baking sheets. We still have a way to go and I am looking at reusable sandwich bags and beeswax cloth covers but I am only introducing them when we run out of our other supplies. So at the moment we re-use our plastic sandwich bags and any leftover baking paper we have until we can’t use them anymore.
And overall, it isn’t just the environmental benefits that we are experiencing. We have less expenses for our weekly shop as we aren’t replacing these items or they are lasting much longer. So, although we have a way to go, it isn’t a bad start!
Every little bit counts.

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