Choose the best winter blooms to use this season

In a world surrounded by screens, technology, gadgets and gizmos, there is nothing more delightful than seeing children explore and play in the garden. These organic playgrounds provide an endless supply of natural toys that spark creativity, provide a sense of freedom, stimulate their imagination, and offer endless hours of fun.

Pressing flowers is a wonderful nature play activity that fosters exploration, creativity, and curiosity while keeping little minds and hands busy playing with nature. And, best of all, it is a craft that can be enjoyed all year round, not just in spring and summer.

Gorgeous flower press from Sow ‘n Sow

Pressing and preserving flowers from each season offers a beautiful reminder once the season has passed, even in the cooler months. Although many flowers cannot tolerate winter’s cool temperatures, there are some that bloom during this season and are perfect for pressing. If you live in a frost-free subtropical to tropical region, then you will have more varieties to choose from, but here are six flowers that are perfect for pressing and should be in full bloom in the cooler months of the year. 

The best winter blooms to press include:

  1. Lavender
  2. Poppy
  3. Viola
  4. Calendula
  5. Daisies
  6. Sweet pea
Beautiful winter blooms of sweet pea which are great to use to press flowers for framing.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Sweet pea

How to press flowers

The best way to press flowers is to use a flower press. A flower press contains multiple layers of cardboard sandwiched between a heavy top and bottom plate. Flowers are placed in between the layers of cardboard and the top plate is tightened with bolts to compress the layers and press the flowers. After a few weeks, the flowers are pressed and can be removed from the flower press.

Step 1: Pick your flowers and leaves

Roam around your garden during the warmest part of the day and pick a range of flowers and foliage. As you are pressing the flowers and leaves, try to pick ones that can easily be flattened. Avoid flowers and foliage with thick cores and stems such as roses or opt for pressing the petals or cut the flower in half.

2. Collect your flowers and arrange

Once you have collected your flowers, trim them and begin arranging them between the layers of your flower press. Avoid overlapping the flowers to ensure they don’t stick together once pressed.

4. Put the press back together

Place all the layers of the flower press back together and screw it closed ensuring it is nice and tight. Keep the flower press in a cool, dry place for at least two weeks. Once two weeks have passed, open the press to see if your flowers and foliage have dried out. If they are not completely dry, close the press and leave it for another two weeks.

5. Finished!

Once your flowers are pressed and preserved, you can take them out of your flower press and use them to decorate cards or place them in a frame to admire. Or even better, use them to decorate your seasonal table and celebrate nature.

Search your garden for winter blooms to press this winter to celebrate the season.

About Sow ‘n Sow:

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