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  • Camellia Cleansing Oil


    Camellia Cleansing Oil


    WAIT! Don’t you click off just yet. An oil cleanser? Are you sure?

    Yep. I am sure.

    But I have oily skin?

    No problem. The beauty of using oil to cleanse oil is that they LOVE each other! In fact they will have a better time together than Patrick and Jennifer in Dirty Dancing.

    “Will it leave my skin greasy?”

    Some may, however ours wont! I have added a magical ingredient so that when you add water, the oils (yours and the cleansers) will start to bond together creating a milky liquid that washes away beautifully!

    This will allow you to apply your next product (we suggest…..) and get maximum benefits because you have just set the stage for the best part of your skincare routine!

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