Natural Beeswax Candles | Christmas Edition


Beautiful natural beeswax candles to set the mood this Christmas.

Use each evening as part of your festive dinner rituals or just in the evenings as you wind down.
Choose from three festive designs.

Made from sustainably sourced Australian Beeswax.


Incredible natural beeswax candles that are good for you and for the planet

In a white glass jar with festive decoration.

Natural beeswax that is sustainable sourced from Australian beehives is a unique and wonderful product to use. Each batch is unique in it’s own way depending on the seasonal variations; on what is in bloom and the natural world around the bees.

Why you should choose beeswax candles

  • Superior burn to paraffin, soy or palm wax
  • Highest melting point of any wax with less drips and wax pools
  • Longer burn time compared to other types of wax
  • Warm golden flame adding to natural ambiance
  • Burn is smoke free
  • Natural health benefits from ionising the air when it is light purifying your air from dust, pollen, odours, toxins, mould and mildew
  • Supporting natural beekeepers
  • Delicious natural honey scent

Product Details

  • Approx 180g
  • Burn time is approximately 20+ hours
  • Natural Cotton wicks
  • White Glass jars
  • Gorgeous Christmas labels to choose from


Additional information


Green – Merry Christmas, Green – Be Merry and Bright, Green images, Taupe and Gold – Merry Christmas, Taupe and Gold -Tree, Taupe and gold – most wonderful time

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