Be Grounded Essential Oil Roller Blend | 10mls


A warm and earthy blend that is designed to settle and focus the mind.

Sandalwood and Frankincense offer protection like the branches of the trees they come from, surrounding you with a warm and exotic aroma.  Lavender and Bergamot help you find tranquillity and peace.  Wear this blend to ground yourself and deepen your feeling of connection to the earth and world around you. Perfect essential oil to use for meditation, before sleep or in moments of overwhelm.

Use throughout the day when you need to “Be Grounded”.

Scent Notes:  Deep, warm and woodsy.

This blend can help soothe and calm your mind. Vetiver can assist with feelings of anxiety, exhaustion and is often used to promote rest and sleep. Sandalwood works to calm a busy mind while frankincense can bring feelings of peace and relaxation.

All blends are designed and handcrafted by Butterfly and Bloom Wellness. They are not private label or masse produced and rebottled. The blend you are getting is totally unique to us.

  • Base oil of Australian Jojoba oil infused with essential oils
  • 10ml amber roller bottle.
  • 100% handcrafted in small batches

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Roll the metal ball onto your pulse points gently and breathe in the aroma. For areas to help you feel grounded, apply to your chest, over your heart, temples and wrists.

Take a moment to sit quietly, breathing deeply to allow the aroma to penetrate your skin and fill your mind. Breathe slowly out. Think about how you are feeling and release you worry as you breath out. Fill your senses with grounding and peaceful thoughts while taking another deep breath and feel the sensations of calm fill your body, mind and soul.

Herbalist Formulated
handmade in small batches Butterfly and Bloom
Made in Australia Butterfly and Bloom
Supporting 15 trees and Bush Heritage Butterfly and Bloom
Not tested on Animals Butterfly and Bloom
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