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Bloom Magazine Volume One WINTER

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WINTER – First Digital Issue is Free

A digital magazine to help you feel connected through the seasons.

In a world where we have slowed down, we have been able to stop and see what is really important. Connection, health and happiness.  BLOOM Magazine is here to help you feel the natural rhythm of the planet so you can live harmoniously within yourself and with the world around you.  We are dedicated to encouraging readers to find health, wellness and connection with each changing of the seasons. BLOOM can help you feel motivated, empowered, educated and nurtured after reading our articles. It can help you find the daily rhythms you need to move with the cycle of each season.

WINTER – Please note this is a digital copy only. You will not receive a hardcopy.

In this issue:

Winter Rhythms with Hannah from Ark and Luna
Create your own moments for the Winter Solstice
Skincare and DIY recipes with Kirsty from Parva Little Things
Slow fashion for the season with La Luna Lifestyle
Winter colour trends that come naturally for your make up essentials
Your backyard during winter with Tash from Magnolia Homes
Healthy recipes for the whole family to nourish from the inside
Winter activities for the whole family

60 Pages of Seasonal reading for your convenience in a digital form!

If you would like to receive a hardcopy of this issue, please click here.

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