Children’s Affirmation Card Deck


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This children’s affirmation card deck is a beautiful way to encourage your little ones to think positive thoughts about themselves and the world around them.

These cards can help promote confidence, respect, friendships, mindfulness, love, kindness. General conversations between parents, caregivers, grandparents and broader concepts can offer a connection and conversation starting point.

You can use these cards as part of your night time routine to encourage open communication with your little one.  Regular practice of positive affirmations are mantras that you can practice over and over. With repetition, the higher those emotions are placed within your mind and can allow your little ones to overcome self doubt, negative thinking and fear.

Use the children’s affirmations card deck:

  • As part of your night time routine
  • To greet each day with positive thoughts
  • As a little lunchbox note
  • Or to help through a troubling time.

This unique, limited edition affirmation card deck is unisex for all ages from 0-13 years.

Gift this beautiful practice to your child & not only will they be uplifted, you will too!


  • Each children’s affirmation box contains
  • 25-character affirmation cards to build confidence, resilience, acknowledge challenges and counter negativity 
  • 9-character colouring in cards to make practicing affirmations FUN, INTERACTIVE and AN ACTIVITY THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN ENJOY!

Instructions & tips to assist you in the beginning stages of using affirmation cards so you can grow into an EVEN MORE kind, positive and happy family

For more information on how to use affirmations read here

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Alex Hayward

Such beautiful card. Important positive messages

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