Christmas Body Scrub 150g


Our limited edition Christmas bath scrub will have you smooth and silky ready for the festivities!!

A blend of coffee, rich buttery oils and a scent that feels like Christmas and coffee rolled into one!
Who could resist!

Our product contains no preservative and is designed for 1-2 full body uses. Try to avoid getting any water into the product to keep it safe and fresh.



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Christmas Body Scrub 150g

Product Details:

  • Recyclable bag
  • 1-2 uses per bag
  • Preservative free
  • Paper labels

How to use:

Directions:  Dampen your skin in the shower. Turn the water off to save our precious resource. And get scrubbing. Use small, gentle circular motions on areas that need a scrub and rinse away. Beware, oils are present in the scrub so the floor of the shower may get slightly slippery.

All products are designed and handcrafted by Butterfly and Bloom Wellness. They are not private label or masse produced and rebottled. The product you are getting is totally unique to us.

Ingredients:  Sugar, Coconut oil, Grapeseed Oil, Brown Sugar, Ground Coffee, Orange essential oil, vanilla extract, cinnamon essential oil, Vitamin E.

Additional information

Herbal Bath

Dream, Love, Uplift, Nourish, Soothe, Detox


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