Crystal seer stones – worry stones

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Crystal Seer stones – worry stones

Perfect to hold and rub your worries away

Seer stones or sometimes called “Dragons eggs” are usually quartz stones that have been tumbled naturally in the river.
They have a beautiful frosted look on the outside and when the are cut and polished on one side, their natural and beautiful imperfections glimmer and shine.

When using crystals and especially when children are using them, it is all about what you can get from the stone. It will vary from person to person.

Seer stones can be used so many ways.

  • They are wonderful for stress – hold them in the palm of your hand and squeeze them like a worry stone, releasing the worry as you release your hand
  • Use for meditation – look into the stone for focus
  • Calm – hold in your hand, take time to notice the roughness of the natural edge and then run your thumb over the smooth crystal.
  • Lie down and place the cut edge of the stone over your third eye – perfect to relax and use for meditation
  • Place it under your pillow for sleep
  • Consider calling them something your children will find magical – dragons eggs, faerie stones, wishing stone, calm crystal.

Seer stones can help to bring joy simply by looking through it into the natural imperfections of the stone.

Available as clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst quartz.

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Amethyst, Rose, Clear, Smoky

2 reviews for Crystal seer stones - worry stones

  1. Megan E. (verified owner)

    Love these we have been hiding them so our little one can find them.

  2. Kendall Mortimer (verified owner)

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