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If you have overindulged and are looking for something to help you feel less sluggish then Detox Herbal bath soak is what you need.

Specially formulated as a synergistic blend to help cleanse with a unique blend of magnesium, Australian bentonite clay and Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt.

Ancient herbal remedies including rosemary, peppermint and chamomile work to help flush out toxins and cleanse the skin.
While essential oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus, grapefruit and rosemary work to destress the mind and body.

Conveniently available in three sizes in reusable or recyclable containers, our bath soaks also come with a 100% cotton bath tea bag if you prefer an easier clean up after your soak.


Detox Herbal Bath Soak to help you body refresh and reset.

Each bath soak comes with a re-usable cotton bath tea bag if you prefer not to have the herbs in the bath. Simply fill the cotton bag and soak in the water. Squeeze to release the herbs and oils into the bath. Rinse and reuse. Reuse or compost when you have finished with the bath soak.

Directions:  Full Bath – Dissolve up to 100g into water depending on your experience with ritual bathing. For maximum therapeutic effects, only fill the bath with as much water is needed to cover your whole body. This will ensure the highest concentration of nutrients.  The ideal bath temperature is around 37°C (body temperature). Soak up to 30 minutes (however if you are new to therapeutic bath soaks, start with 10-15 minutes).

Foot Bath – Dissolve up to 50g in 4L of 37 37°C water and soak for 20-30 minutes.

After your bath or foot soak: Beware getting out of the water, as it may be slippery due to the oils in the blend. After your soak gently rinse your skin with fresh water and pat your skin dry. Rinse the tub immediately after use for ease of clean up. Stay hydrated with water or herbal tea.

It is suggested you only soak once or twice a week.

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, have blood pressure problems or other medical conditions you should consult with your health care provider before taking therapeutic herbal baths.

All bath soaks are designed and handcrafted by Butterfly and Bloom Wellness. They are not private label or masse produced and rebottled. The product you are getting is totally unique to us.



Herbalist Formulated
handmade in small batches Butterfly and Bloom
Made in Australia Butterfly and Bloom
Supporting 15 trees and Bush Heritage Butterfly and Bloom
Not tested on Animals Butterfly and Bloom
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