Eye Pillows for kids – Lavender

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Use as a gentle natural sleep solution to help your little one relax and find comfort during the night.


Lavender filled eye pillows for children

Perfect to use to help them relax before bed and cuddle through the night

Our eye pillows for kids are designed to help your little ones relax before bed.  You can use them to lay over your little ones eyes to help relieve muscular tension or simply place under their pillow to gently release the scent of lavender as they sleep.
With slightly less weight than our adult eye pillows, these are perfectly balanced to mould the contours of your little ones eyes to help relieve tension and help them relax before bed.

  • Filled with organic flax seeds and organic lavender locally sourced in Australia
  • 100% cotton outer cover
  • 100% cotton muslin inner cover for added durability and safety


  • Available in a range of prints
  • Approximately 20cm x 10cm
  • Suitable to store in the fridge for 10-15 mins before use
  • DO NOT APPLY ESSENTIAL OILS TO THE FABRIC (For more information on the safety of using eye pillows please click here)
  • Store in a cool, dark spot


Question: Can I microwave this eye pillow to warm it up?
Answer: No, it is not recommended to heat your eye pillow up. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and using a heat pack in this area can cause damage to the skin.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is also advisable not to use a heated pack in bed due too the increased fire risk

Question:  Can I apply essential oils to the pillow?
Answer: It is not recommended you use essential oils on the pillow. This can potentially cause irritation to the skin. If you want to smell the lavender more, simple squeeze the pillow to release the natural oils in the lavender.

For more information – Read our blog “Why you should be using eye pillows”

Customer Reviews

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Emma Petersen

My children absolutely love them and sleep with them to relax 😀

Herbalist Formulated
handmade in small batches Butterfly and Bloom
Made in Australia Butterfly and Bloom
Supporting 15 trees and Bush Heritage Butterfly and Bloom
Not tested on Animals Butterfly and Bloom
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