Mint Eye Pillow | Tension and headaches


Perfect to use to relax, during meditation, as part of your yoga practice or to help you get to sleep


Our mint refresh eye pillows are designed to soothe and invigorate

Filled with our unique blend of herbs, they are perfect to ease the tension of headaches and fatigue

Our eye pillows have been created with a signature mint blend to help with the symptoms of headaches. They can help relieve tension around your eyes and forehead, ease congestion over your eyes and nose and ease eye strain after a long day at the computer.  They are filled with Australian sourced flaxseed and a unique blend of refreshing herbs including peppermint and marjoram.

Delicately balanced to provide the optimal weight, our aromatherapy eye pillows work to relieve muscular tension by applying pressure to key acupressure points around your forehead.
Our herbal blend is a combination of herbs that have analgesic, antispasmodic and calming properties. Peppermint and spearmint are uplifting and refreshing, eucalyptus is energising and marjoram is calming to the nerves. The scent can help relieve spasms, irritability and mental fatigue.

Designed to be used as a tool to help soothe and relax, our mint refresh eye pillows are perfect after a long day, before sleep, for yoga or meditation.

Take a deep breath….Inhale peace. Exhale Happiness

– A.D. Posey

Product Details:

  • Filled with flaxseed and herbs
  • Handmade – some variations to print and creation may exist
  • Use at room temperature or cool in freezer prior to use
  • Do not heat (the skin around your eyes is very delicate and this may cause damage; additionally it is not recommended to heat herbs due to the risk of fire)
  • Do not apply essential oils directly to fabric
  • Size – approximately 10cm x 23 cm
  • Store in a cool dark spot
  • Do not wash, spot clean if necessary
More about using Aromatherapy Eye Pillows for relaxation

Research shows that light pressure applied on the eyes, can lower the heart rate (the science behind it is the oculocardiac reflex – google it).
The vagus nerve is one of the cranial nerves that originates in the brain. It travels down the back of the neck, into the chest, heart and abdomen.
By stimulating this reflex and nerve, it is believed the digestive tract, our mood, heart and our rest-digest system can all be affected.
When combined with some deep breathing this small practice of self care can help reduce stress and sedate your nerves helping you relax.

Our balanced, light weight refreshing eye pillows for headaches cuts out visual stimulus including light sending a message to your brain that it is time to be still.
Relaxation is enabled through the pressure in your eyes.  Nerves transmit a signal to the rest of the body giving it neurological permission to relax and helping to ease tensions.

The refreshing scent can help to penetrate your nervous system to relieve spasms, cramps, irritability and mental fatigue.  Often used to aid in relaxation before sleep, this is a wonderful choice.

In such a busy world, allowing yourself to be still can help to bring a deep feeling of calm, instinctively needed for personal growth and happiness.

To read more, check out our blog “Why you should be using eye pillows”

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