Parker Safety Razor 29L Blue + 2 x 5 pack of blades


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I searched high and low to find a razor that was light and comfortable to use and I have been so happy with my choice. By not buying plastic razors anymore, I am no longer buying a product that will one day be destined for landfill. I can continue to use this for any years to come only having to replace the blades which in themselves are recyclable (check with your local recycling facilities about how to do this).  I have found you get a very close shave without the need to apply much pressure (so beware the first time you use it as you need to adjust your technique).


  • Genuine Brass Frame and anodized chrome plate handle
  • Use the handle for life and only replace the blades
  • Reusable Safety Razor for Men and Women
  • Thin handle makes it easy to hold
  • Double edge blade which makes shaving larger surfaces easier
  • Highly textured handle to provide more grip if you shave in the shower
  • Butterfly twist open
  • 82.2g 11.17cm long (2.9oz and 4.4 in)
  • Blades are sold separately – Can be used with Shark or Astra blades
  • Store outside of the shower and allow it to dry completely in between uses to prevent rusting.
  • Made in India

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