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These cards are a beautiful reminder to find your inner voice and trust in your positive thoughts that you deserve it all.

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Positive Guidance Card Holder

Perfect for your Pass around the smile positive guidance cards

These cards are so beautiful, they deserve to be out on display and how beautiful on your positive guidance card holder!   Use the card holder to be reminded of the positive message throughout the day.
Use it as a reminder of what is coming, what you deserve or the mantra you just need to hear.

Product Details:

  • Unique designs on each
  • Made with natural pine timber

Find the perfect cards to use in your holder here

About Cleo Massey

Cleo is from the Gold Coast, Australia and is on a mission to help people feel inspired, positive, excited and ready to live their best life.  There is a magic to these cards that from the moment I saw them, I knew I needed them in my life. Cleo’s words connect to encourage you to have control over your life and to help you manifest your dreams.

Use these cards daily to help nurture your soul and your mind to help you create the life you want.

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