Positive Guidance Journal


Guide and inspire your mind to a world of positivity and joy.

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Pass Around the Smile – Positive Guidance Journal

Guide and inspire young children to let their imaginations bloom.

What a beautiful book to write in each day. Filled with gorgeous illustrations, positive quotes and questions to help you reflect.

Key Features:

  • Questions to help you seek deep reflection
  • Guidance to release deep anger, limiting beliefs and fear.
  • A journal to guide you on a path to positivity and manifesting your desires.

Product Details:

  • Written by Cleo Massey
  • Illustrated by Kayla Jayne
  • 100 pages with unique illustrations and messages

How to use:

Seek comfort in the routine of the everyday and use the journal as a release of your thoughts, feelings and desires.

About Cleo Massey

Cleo is from the Gold Coast, Australia and is on a mission to help people feel inspired, positive, excited and ready to live their best life.  There is a magic to this journal, similar to the positive guidance cards that from the moment I saw them, I knew I needed them in my life. Cleo’s words connect to encourage you to have control over your life and to help you manifest your dreams.


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