Frustrated with my old cleanser not removing a scrap of my make-up despite multiple washes, and my skin generally looking a bit sad and tired, I decided to purchase the Properly Clean face cleanser from the GO-TO skin range created by Zoe Foster Blake. The main drawing card to using these products for me was the simple philosophy behind the range. Skin care that is simple to use, does what it is supposed to and is derived from plant ingredients without all the ‘hooha’ of other ‘natural’ products and something that is supporting other Australians.
20180423_183117[1]Looking at the products on the back of the bottle though, I felt overwhelmed and confused as I didn’t really recognise any of the ingredient list. Cue boring yet highly scientific google searching and I can give you a quick rundown of the ingredients thereby saving you a good 30 minutes of your time and educating you a little on skin care along the way.  I find this stuff interesting as I am trying to learn what is good for my skin and what to avoid. If you just want the overall run down of the product, scroll to the end!

  1. Water – pretty basic, just used to dissolve the other ingredients to form an emulsion.  Having water in a skin care product may seem like a waste, but there are times when it is good. Some products require water as a solvent to allow other ingredients to work better. Often many plant-based extracts, when mixed with water, ensure they are actually delivered to the skin to work effectively.
  2. Sodium Cocoamphoacetate – a coconut oil derived product, often used in skin care to help the product mix on the skin with water and oil so it can be rinsed clean. Known to be gentle and non-irritating.
  3. Glycerin – works to draw water from the air into the skins outer layer providing a protective barrier and helping to moisturise the skin at the same time.
  4. Lauryl Glucoside – derived from coconut oil and sugar and again, helps oils and dirt mix together so the skin can be rinsed clean.
  5. Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate – cleansing agent derived from coconut oil however it also does this cool thing to remove excess minerals to soften water if you live in a hard water areas.
  6. Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate (SLGC) – now this one was interesting. Similar in name to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) (which everyone knows is a big ‘no, no’ when it comes to natural skin care) but it is far nicer. SLS is made using lauryl alcohol from coconut or palm kernel oil and is then treated with sulfuric acids and other products to produce the end product making it full of acid and bad stuff.  SLGC is also made using lauryl alcohol however it is mixed with glucose (sugar) to produce a far more natural and gentle cleanser.
  7. Sodium Chloride – plain old table salt that is often used as a thickener, binding agent or preservative in skin care.
  8. Dehydroacetic acid – sounds a bit scary however it is a preservative used to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that may decay the product. Clinical tests have shown little to no evidence regarding the toxicity and potential for irritation in small doses. So, I’m happy to use this is small amounts.
  9. Benzyl alcohol – now this is one product that when you do some reading it may actually get a bit of a bad rap. But as you keep reading you will find this works as a preservative and can be irritating to the skin but only when used in high concentrations. So, it is approved as safe for use below 5% and as it is one of the last ingredients, I suspect it is a small amount. However, it is probably the most controversial product when you start looking into them so you can make your own decisions on this one.
  10. Citric acid – this is an alpha hydroxy acid (natural acids found in foods) derived from citrus. It is most commonly used in small amounts to adjust the pH of skin care products. Used in high doses it can promote skin exfoliation and regenerations but it is a bit low on the ingredient list so I suspect this isn’t the case for its primary use.
  11. White Willow Bark – used as a common natural product for many, many years, willow bark contains salicylic acid which is a natural exfoliant, helps to shed dead skin cells, clear pores and helps with new cell formation. It is also an astringent with anti-inflammatory, soothing and conditioning properties.
  12. Natural fragrance of ginger, mandarin, lime – ginger has antiseptic properties and can brighten the skin; lime can assist with antimicrobial activity and can help to uplift the mood; mandarin can be used to brighten the skin, reduce oil and diminish the appearance of scares or age spots. Or these could just be used to make it smell delicious.

Right. So that is the ingredient list breakdown. Sounds pretty good to me!
I have been using this cleanser for two months now. I gave it that long to see how it would cope going through two lovely lady cycles. And I have to say it did pretty well.
So, for the final round up.
Is it affordable? Yes.  $31AUD for 150ml bottle. Foaming facewash that genuinely does what is says. Gets your face properly clean so for that price I am happy.
Is it easy to use? Yes.  1-2 pumps, lather and wash your face, rinse. Not complex. If I have had a heavy make up day I use 1 pump, wash and rinse using a gentle cloth. Then I use another 1-2 pumps to do a full face wash. Works an absolute treat!
Can anyone use this product? Yes.  Very effective, reasonably priced skin care that would appeal to teens starting to look after their skin, suitable for adults who want a decent product that actually works and gentle on the older ladies who might have skin beginning to show the signs of wear and tear as a result of their feisty and exuberant life they have lived. Or like me, just wanting to stop the make up from caking in my new wrinkles that continue to form as my children get older and I don’t get any younger.
Does it do what is says? Yes. Makes my skin feel, clean, fresh, make up free without drying it out.
Any issues? The only drawback for me has been that one bottle has just lasted me a little over 2 months. So, I will need to purchase more frequently but it works so well I don’t really mind.
And finally, the beauty question everyone wants, does it make me look any younger?  I don’t know. My eyesight is getting worse so I really can’t tell.
Overall. Buy it. You get a fortune cookie when its delivered. So, it is a no brainer really.
Go-To Skincare

Fortune cookie eaten before photo was taken!! I couldn’t wait!



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