Eco friendly alternative to traditional paper wrap

Up to 150, 000km of Christmas wrapping paper is thrown out in Australia each year. That is enough to wrap around the Earth’s equator almost four times! Imagine if we began to add in all the other special events and holidays throughout the year. Making the decision to use reusable gift wrap is a wonderful choice for our planet and our wallets. Wrapping gifts using the Furoshiki method is a quick and easy way to wrap presents. It looks pretty special and saves time. That’s a win in my book!

Reusable fabric wrap to prevent waste each year
Prevent waste by using reusable fabric wraps.

What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a method of using cloth to wrap and carry items. It originated in Japan in the 8th century. In 2006, it became even more popular when the Japanese Minister for the Environment, promoted Furoshiki cloth to reduce waste. Since then it has gained popularity as an eco friendly way of wrapping gifts.

Traditionally, a square piece of cloth or fabric with an elegant, decorative design is used. Square fabric is best and traditional, but you can make do with anything on hand. If your fabric has a reversible pattern this looks even better but isn’t necessary. For an even more eco-friendly option, consider sourcing second hand materials from op-shops or re-purposing old fabrics from home. With multiple ways to wrap and decorate the fabric, the options are endless.

Get creative with added reusable accessories. Hand decorated tags, make your own seed paper name tags – the possibilities are endless.

Get creative with personalised gift tags and decorations for your reusable fabric gift wrap.
Get creative with personalised gift tags and decorations for your reusable fabric gift wrap.

Tip: Consider the weight of the gift and the thickness of the fabric. You want it sturdy enough if you are wrapping a big box.

How to wrap your gifts.

There are multiple ways to wrap up your gift. Finding the way that suits your present shape is part of the fun.

Reusable gift wrap available online now

Furoshiki is a time saving, reusable and effective gift wrapping solution that reduces your waste and makes your presents look incredible.

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