Where have I been?
It has been almost a year since I touched this blog and it feels neglected.
As we approach July again, I am going to take another look at Plastic Free July but until then, what has been going on?
I have been deep in the trenches of motherhood. I found the most amazing play tribe online though Instagram and have been hooked which is why this blog has been so neglected.
But times have changed again with the ongoing cycles of motherhood and family life so here we are.  Where to now?
I’m not sure if many of you have heard about the ‘seven-year cycle’ or ‘seven-year itch’, but this is sort of a recognised period in time that is of significance through many aspects of life.  The number seven is a very spiritual number (7 planets, 7 chakras); some believe that scientific research has shown the cells of the human body change every seven years (don’t quote me); and astrologists recognise the seven-year cycle as part of Saturn’s orbit around the Sun. It takes 28 years for Saturn to circle the sun and its placement relevant to one’s birth chart brings about a peak every 7 years.
Philosopher Rudolf Steiner also believed in the 7-year cycle.
Seven Year Cycle
His beliefs were that the first seven years of life (0-7) were associated with the moon with psychic forces working to transform the body of the child from one inherited by the parents to one that represents the personality of the child. Driven by instincts of hunger, comfort, love and protection, our behaviours are learned and social morality begins to develop.
The second seven years (7-14) is associated with Mercury and at this time, the child’s imagination and feeling life takes centre stage.  There is physical and psychological development, understandings of right and wrong and the child begins to create an inner world of dreams, dangers, excitement and happiness.
The third seven years (14-21) is associated with Venus during which time the mind of the adolescent takes root and the psychic development can be disturbed by strong impulses of puberty.  The child becomes aware of themselves, developing an appreciation of art, music, literature.  The need for independence becomes apparent and childhood begins to fade.
The next three seven-year segments are linked to the Sun (21-42) and include elements of the sentient soul, intellectual soul and consciousness soul. It is a period of refinement and we learn to act on intuition, judgement, understanding and insight. From 28-35 years our creative minds peak; researchers and artists are at their peak, emotions become subtle, we understand and realise who we are.  And we reach a peace within ourselves if we have been prepared to do so. From 35-42 years a new restlessness can be felt depending on your personality and circumstance. Carers, habits and relationships are evaluated, modified and changed. The next seven years (42-49) is when the soul works hard to impress the full forces of its personality on the world. We self-introspect and take major career and relationship turns as we acknowledge ourselves for who we really are.
And 49-56 is associated with Jupiter when wisdom is dawning and the ego needs to unfold the life spirit. The final seven-year period (56-63) is associated with Saturn when it completes its second return, (comes back to the position had at birth), and the soul can manifest an event higher than self-called spirit man.  What this one means I don’t quite know but I guess I’ll find out eventually.
So. Totally random and why do I share this little snippet of information?
Well, I believe in these cycles. I often have periods of restlessness, motivation for change, agitation at life and over the years I have become to recognise these for what they are. They are signals for change. From within myself and in my surrounding life.
I am deep in one of these periods right now. It is a feeling of unrest deep in my soul that manifests in a manner of ways. I can identify these periods that have occurred throughout my life and am glad I have come to recognise them because it makes me less fearful. It makes me braver and confident the choices I need to make are right.
What does that mean for me this time? I’m still fully figuring it out but t feels like a change. A big one. Lifestyle, community, family, it is all shifting. I’m not scared by these changes. I feel empowered because at the end of the day, I am in charge. The shift is coming from within. The challenge will be in defining and refining it.
Who is with me? Have you ever felt this change? Comment to let me know I’m not alone!


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