They have arrived!

I find birth stories fascinating.  I spent many hours on the couch watching One Born Every Minute in the lead up to my own knowing full well I was having a C-Section.  But being fascinated just same.  There is all this build up. Anticipation. Those that have gone...

Happy Birthday and Goodbye

Two years ago today we held our baby girls in our arms. We said happy birthday. And through our tears we said goodbye. This, of course, was not our plan. Sleepless nights, teething, ABC’s, toilet training, first days at school and navigating parenthood was what...

Looking around

Looking around, it all looked the same.  The life I was living a year ago was very similar.   Same house, same work, same routines. However, the life I was beginning to imagine I would have now, 6 months ago looked very different.  Over the moon...
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