I find birth stories fascinating.  I spent many hours on the couch watching One Born Every Minute in the lead up to my own knowing full well I was having a C-Section.  But being fascinated just same.  There is all this build up. Anticipation. Those that have gone before you telling you how your life will change when you have children.  You are impatient and just want it to happen already. And then when it does. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can actually prepare you for it.
Its just insane. You have grown a human. And, I’m sorry but it is not something I think men will ever be able to understand.  Yes, they contribute to a very important part of the process and forever continue to be very important but seriously. A human. I have grown a human. Actually, I was lucky enough to grow two humans.
And BAM.  There it is.  All of a sudden, I was getting prepared to no longer be me. The person who I had happily been for over 30 years was about to become someone different in almost every way. It is actually that part that no one really warns you about.  A loss of something I have always just taken for granted.  But there I was, very exposed, cold and surrounded by strangers getting ready to have my babies delivered.
I had decided early on in the pregnancy to have a C-section. And I know this may be controversial but for us it was absolutely the right decision.  There was way too much fear and anxiety surrounding the pregnancy to attempt a natural twin birth.  And I felt as though my babies supported this decision by never ever being head down. Either of them. They were always breach or transverse or some combination of anything but head down. So, they helped confirm this decision.
We arrived at the hospital and as luck would have it, one of our Obstetricians was just finishing up another C-Section. So, we were whisked up to the ward and prepped for theatre, enjoying a brief laugh with the nurse as I explained why I had band aids all over my newly shaved legs and into theatre we went.
It’s hard to think back about what you remember and I guess that’s why you should write your story up sooner after birth. But here is what I do remember.
My anaesthetic nurse was amazing and so kind.  She looked after me beautifully.
It was freezing in theatre.
The staff didn’t talk amongst themselves, they talked to us which was really special.
I had no pain, just felt a bit of movement as they started to deliver the babies.
Everyone knew we didn’t know what we were having (obviously not  monkeys but the sex of each was a surprise), so there was some outrageously angry crying followed by the sound of our doctors voice, “Have a look and see what you got!”
I feel absolutely certain my heart exploded when they held up a tiny, crying baby and let us discover that we had a little girl! She was not happy to have been pulled out of my warm tummy and was pretty angry.
Yet, there was some of my heart left to explode because when they held up the next baby, we discovered a little boy who was absolutely outraged at the change of scenery!
We couldn’t believe it. Absolute shock. Two babies. In our hearts and this time, in our arms to stay.

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