With so many of us working from home now, what can we do to improve focus and concentration to get our work or study done? Read on to get our top tips and some links to products that can help you stay motivated for longer.

  1. Create a space

Set the area you want to work in ready for the task at hand. Make sure you have the physical space you need for books or the computer. Clear away any distractions. This means potential books or magazines that aren’t relevant, chores or lists outstanding, programs on your computer that might have notifications on. Make sure you put your phone away or turn it onto silent. Create the space you need to limit distractions.

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2. Fuel your body

This may sound silly but choosing what you eat and drink can have an impact on your productivity. Small doses of caffeine are okay and may actually improve your concentration. However, larger doses can leave you feeling anxious, stressed or worried which may actually decrease your ability to focus on the task. Fuelling your body with the right food is important too. No one can concentrate when hunger strikes. But you also don’t want to get a carb overload and fall asleep on your keyboard! Make sure you have lean protein, complex carbohydrates and brain food. Fruit, nuts, seeds, salmon and berries are all good ‘brain foods’! Avoid too much sugar as this can cause headaches and the dreaded sugar comedown.

3. Plan your study

Before you begin, make a plan of what you want to achieve. But make sure it is achievable or you may just end up feeling lost or overwhelmed. There is a technique of study called the Pomodoro technique. This is a method of timed study. You set an alarm for 25 minutes and work solidly in that block before having a 5 minute break. Once you have done this for a few rounds you then have a longer break before starting again. Time blocking is another method. You set aside specific time blocks during the day to achieve specific tasks. Whatever you do in those blocks is it. This allows you to know exactly what you need to do at each step of the way.

4. Support

In addition to making sure everyone else in the household knows the plan so you can work interrupted. Consider the use of essential oils to help support you. Our Be Focussed roller blend has been specifically created to help you improve focus and concentration. Rosemary works to prevent distractions, lemon helps you focus, cypress works as a stimulant and frankincense helps to release stress so you can concentrate. To use, simply roll the metal ball of the roller along your pulse points and gentle breathe in the aroma. Use on your wrists, temples, back of your neck and upper forehead. Take a moment before you begin your work to gather your thoughts and focus on the task at hand.

Be Focussed essential oil roller blend by Butterfly and Bloom to help improve focus and concentration
Be Focussed essential oil roller blend by Butterfly and Bloom to help improve focus and concentration

Simple tips to help you to improve your focus and concentration to achieve more.

And don’t forget, tag on socials if you try any of our tips! We love to see your rituals being practiced.

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