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Guest Blog with Amy Hughes – Eco Make Up Artist from the Eco Make Up Bar

Congratulations! You have converted most of your life over to natural products but there is just something stopping you from making the jump and not re-purchasing that old favourite foundation. You know the one. It’s your go to classic perfect shade with the perfect coverage.  It is time to break out of your comfort zone and make the swap to a low tox natural make up.

I understand your reluctance to change. It’s the fear of the uncertain. Will a natural make up product really work? Will it last all day? Will it give me good coverage?  Is it really the best toxin free make up? I know that you don’t want to be spending money on beauty products that don’t work.  So let me help you.

How to swap to low tox natural make up  with vegan and cruelty free products
Finding the right natural make up for you is not always easy. Luckily finding the right person to help you is.

As a professional makeup artist, I knew I was taking a chance by transitioning over to toxin free make up brands.  I knew I was potentially alienating my audience by no longer using mainstream products.  But I knew that I was no longer ‘ok’ with the ingredients I was applying to my client’s skin any more, or my own.

Many conventional and mainstream beauty products contain a range of ingredients that can be harmful to the skin.  Take some time to get to know the ingredient lists on the Environmental Working Group webite. You can type in a range of products or individual ingredients to learn more about what you are putting on your skin.

What did I learn when I ‘transformed’ over to natural makeup both personally and professionally?

  • That there is no one size fits all – you can use natural products in a multi purpose way to give the best finish.
  • You don’t have to compromise .
  • I mastered how to use natural products for the best results so that I now realise I don’t ‘miss’ any of my old products that compromise me or my values.

I also love that I’m now immune to the big marketing campaigns by mainstream giants and choose to support homegrown, humble roots, kitchen table businesses as more now than ever is the time to support small, celebrate the little wins and buy local.  

Finding natural make up that is good for you and good for the planet doesn’t need to be hard.

Ok. You are in but don’t know where to start? Just begin by choosing one item at a time and swapping it out for a low tox option.

Here are my top 3 recommendations for easy swaps that you can start with.

  1. Oatmilk Foundation by Ere Perez – A liquid foundation for everyday wear. Use as a sheer daytime look or build up for more coverage.
  2. Natural Almond Mascara by Ere Perez – Natural mascara with almond oil to strengthen and lengthen your lashes.
  3. Custom Brush Set – Cruelty free Vegan brushes – A set of 7 hand picked brushes to help you apply your make up with a more professional, longer lasting look.

Does it all sound great but you are still unsure about making the leap? I love that I have found amazing products that I can advocate to my clients and feel comfortable in the knowledge they will love as much as I do. 

So come and see me – book in at The Eco Make Up bar and let me show you how incredible these products can make you feel

Low tox natural make up with Amy

Amy combines 10 years in the make up industry with a passion for empowering women to love and understand how to use natural, low toxin, eco friendly products.  She loves being able to empower women to use clean, eco brands that tread lightly on our planet without being harmful to our bodies.

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