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My Story

Hi there,

I am Shae. Clinical nurse, Mum of twins and nature lover.  For as long as I can remember I have been connected to nature. From time spent in the garden with my Nanna, long weekend bike rides with my Dad, weekends and holidays in the yard with Mum and Dad. 

I became a Registered Nurse after leaving school and have been working and educating for over 12 years.  Over that time, I have seen a massive shift in our health, a rise in chronic disease, mental health and general lack of pro-active care of ourselves.

Alongside that I have been watching the rise of our climate crisis, the disregard of our values and beliefs as a societal system and our loss of a sense of community.

Which brings me to motherhood.  All of a sudden, I realised it wasn’t all about me. It was 100% about the future. I knew it was, but becoming a mother catapulted me onto my current journey faster than I may have gotten on my own.

I want to be able to tell my children, I did what I could to live a healthy life. In a time where we had lost our way, I strived to get it back. Back to basics, and back to what my Nanna would have done.

And that is what I want to bring you.  Products that have been created using all natural and sustainable ingredients that actually work without all the fuss.  I want to offer you a range of beautiful products that allow us as parents to make good, easy, healthy and sustainable swaps when it comes to your home and body while also looking after a little bit of your souls.

I believe it all intertwines together.  There is no point in having a healthy body if your mind is lost.

 And so, Butterfly and Bloom Wellness: Essentials for your home, body and soul.


Every single piece of plastic ever made, still exists in our world.

This cannot continue. Don’t reach for that plastic wrap; don’t put it on the shopping list. Use a handmade pouch that you can use over and over again; or a beeswax wrap; or a container you already have.  You don’t have to swap every single product in your home straight away, simply make a decision to not repeat the same habits each time you run out of your product. And become a part of something significant for our planet.


When I started my journey swapping to more natural products, I believed that if I could read and understand the ingredient list then I would be happy to use that on my skin.  It is a simply philosophy to follow and one that I am happy to continue on with. Despite what ‘big’ corporations tells us, we don’t need a range of chemicals to have beautiful glowing skin, nor do we need to fight the many signs of ageing – we need to nurture it.  Nature has provided us with the ingredients we need – all we need are beautiful artisans to create those products – and that is what you will find here.


In Australia, it is estimated that 45% of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime (Beyond Blue).  I don’t believe that you can have a healthy home and body without also caring for your mind and soul.  Our carefully curated collection is designed to help bring a deeper understanding of self awareness, self worth and positivity through internal strength and courage.

So finally, some words to summarise what we are about:




Stress free

Connected to nature

Back to basics




Lots of love,


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